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Carbohydrates - Nutrition or Poison???

I thought this might be an interesting opener....   A quote I often come across in my Google travels in the realm of diabetes is, "Carbs are poison for diabetics". I would say that I am onboard with this. I can only really write from the perspective of a newly diagnosed T2 that APPEARS to still make insulin so please forgive me if I make statements that are incorrect. One goal I am looking into is helping people that are newly diagnosed. I can't save the world but if I can get information to people and it helps them then it is worth it.   So I was thinking random thoughts while puttering around the store and one thought that popped up was wondering if carbohydrates are poison in general? Before you laugh my thought is that alcohol is also a poison. We can metabolize alcohol, small amounts of it seem to be beneficial, we can live without alcohol but it can make life more pleasurable when used carefully.   I was wondering if the same might be true with simple carbohydrates like sugars? Never in history has there been such an abundance of convenient food (much of it loaded with simple carbohydrate) and there has also been an explosion in diabetes. So my thought is could carbohydrates be to the pancreas as alcohol is to the liver?   Just today's random thought.   Mike




My first blog ever in my life...

To open, a little about myself.   I have never written a blog. I would consider myself tech competent if not particularly tech savvy. I have had a computer since they were widely comercially available since the mid 1980's. I own a smart phone and a tablet and, again, would classify myself as proficient in their use while not an expert.   I am 49 years old. I was born in Tucson, AZ, grew up and graduated High School in San Diego, CA. Moved to Hawaii in 1989 to be closer to family that had moved here earlier, fell in love with it, and just plug along here the best I can. I now live in Hilo, HI which has the distinction of having the 2nd rainiest city in the US with an average of 120" (yes, 120") of rain a year. It is considered tropical rainforest. The rainiest city is actually somewhere in Alaska.   I have 3 children Tim at 35 who lives nearby in Hilo, Amber at 29 who lives in Elm City, NC. and Kala at 20 who is going to school at Sy. John's University in Queens, NYC and figuring out what she wants to do. She is majoring in education and is interested in pursuing a career in Special Needs Education. I have a great relationship with all my children. They have turned out to be good humans. Tim works the night shift at Target and Amber is a stay at home Mom in addition to being a small business owner in which she sells her crochet work.   I have 3 grandchildren, Tyler at 14 who is being a bit of a rebellious teen but I believe he will finds his path, Hailey who is 7 and on a cheerleading team which recently won First Place at a state tournament in NC, and Damien who is 4 and loves dinosaurs.   Now that all my children are out of the house I have 2 cats, Tigger and Bella, to occupy my time and make me get up in the morning. There are some interesting stories behind them which I will share in future blogs.   I have been in the telecommunications industry since 1985 in some way, shape, or form, until the present. It is an industry that has seen many changes as computers and the Internet have become a larger part of our lives. In some ways, I think I am like a steamship engineer from the 19th century that has seen internal combustion engines, the changes they brought to that industry, and the eventual decline and demise of that industry. My hope is that I can work in this industry until retirement. To do this, I have had to learn other disciplines in IT since telecommunications is now considered just another application in the office. In the not too distant past, voice was a stand alone discipline and the "computer guy" and the "phone guy" rarely interfaced with one another. Now the "computer guy" and the "phone guy" are often the "same guy". I love my job because it varies. I sometimes manage and then install large cabling jobs, manage and plan networks and VoIP designs, help my customers with their communications and data needs and, once in a while, roll the truck and change a handset cord on a phone. I have learned about how many other trades in the construction industry work since I have to interact with them and play nicely with them to get my job done.   I was diagnosed with diabetes T2 in January 2016. When diagnosed, I was obese at 5'11" and 313#. My A1C was 7.5. My first morning FG test was 291. My blood pressure was 160/110. At the writing of this blog I am now the same height, 288#, my BP averages 133/75, my A1C was measured at the doctor's office at 5.5 and my FG for the past week has been 89-96. I have changed my diet, exercise, and take Metformin. I also take thyroid hormone replacement medicine. I have posted in the forums all the details of what I do so, other than this cursory information, I will move on...   I would like to start a blog because I believe I have joined a wonderfully positive community in which members genuinely care and show compassion for one another. When I was first diagnosed, it was pretty much, "Mr. Meyer, you have diabetes. Fill these prescriptions, test your blood sugar every morning before breakfast, keep track of the numbers, and I will see you in 2 weeks to see how things are going."   My hope would be to offer advice and encouragement based upon my experiences and to document my thoughts and feelings as newly diagnosed while I can still easily remember them. I imagine I will look back at these 5 years, or 10, or even 20 and think, "How naïve..." and shake my head but such is life.   I had no clue how to proceed until finding these forums and corresponding with people who have been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. Good common sense advice was given. Everyone stressed that every person is different and no one had the magic cure all or process for BG control. They would share what worked for them and that would help me find my way.   My intended writing would be positive things in my life from the past and present as well as anecdotes relating to just about anything. I hope these are well received. I will always welcome commentary and constructive criticism since steel is stronger when forged with fire. I would also welcome and encouraged reasoned debate as appropriate.   In other words, I really have no idea where this will go and I will take this first step by posting this.   If there are any topics anyone would be interested in, I would also be open to ideas!   I have called this ClubD! with the intent of it being a sort of "hang out" where we can share whatever. I have never been into "clubbing" so here we are...   I thank you for reading this and look forward to this journey.   Mike



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