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10 years and rising

Hi All! I'm new to all of this type of communicating so please bear with me. I was diagnosed w/T2 about 10 years ago but never took it very seriously. I always ate what I wanted and justified it by working out for 4 hours at the gym then immediately running to the nearest Mickey Ds. I would go to the docs fairly often and get blood work done and I never really had anything come back totally out of whack. Back then my A1C 7.2 - Fast forward 10 and I'm at 9.7. I'm tired all the time, my weight is up and down and now I'm on Glimepiride along with Metformin. I need to take control of my life as it pertains to T2D! I need to find a way to control it before the awful things I read about T2D creeps up on me. I feel great, I exercise pretty regularly but my diet is absolutely horrid!!! I'm a Chef and a foodie - the food and sweets that literally surround me at work makes eating right a far cry. My hope? To find like-minded people struggling like me, struggling like me and found a way to manage or people not struggling but can provide to insight and experiences of encouragement.   Thanks All! J



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