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My A1C was wrong for who knows how long.. So here I am.

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weird blood glucose readings.

Well I need to update with something here since I been on the new diet. I am getting what seems to be backward readings on my BG. I usually higher in the morning after fasting than an hour after I eat in the evening. I just curious if that is normal or not... Seems counter to what I would think it should be, but maybe there is a reason for it. So far I been reading about 150s in the morning and 120s in the evening about hour or two after eating.


blowing it for thanksgiving..

So tomorrow is thanksgiving and I decided I'm blowing my diet.. I'm going to my Girlfriends sisters for thanksgiving. So I am just afraid to be the one person saying I can't eat 90% of what's there... I wonder what others are doing this Thanksgiving?


geting lower, but...

Well my blood sugars been running around 150-180 range here so far. I did talk to my doctor and he's diving into why my A1C test results were so off and he also wants me to start taking insulin.. :( I guess I'm not very excited about that being that I already on a lot of medication as it is. Otherwise I am really having sugar/carb withdrawals lol. As I can't eat what I like to anymore.. :(


starting out...

I had always had for many years an A1C around 6.8 ish.. So I thought the metformin was hopefully doing its job that I had been taking for a while now. However I just recently found out that after the doctors office decided to send a sample to mayo clinic I got a 10 for my A1C and the local lab got a 6.6. Ouch.. So for some reason the local lab is a bad test for me I hope it isn't bad all around. Yikes... I also found out my kidneys might not be functioning well as they should be already. So needless to say I got a big shock this week. I started trying to follow a low carb high fat diet now for starters. I haven't totally figured out what to make to eat and such as I am just starting but I understand the theory of it.


For what it is worth I measured my BG the first day and I was getting pretty high numbers like 300 and that was even after sleeping overnight.

After starting the diet I now measuring around 200-250 which is hopefully a bit better. I guess it may be too early to tell but hopefully its a downward trend.

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