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Good fiber choices

I had to stop eating cereal for breakfast. I do eat a Thomas's English Muffin, Hearty Muffin, 1/3 daily fiber. I believe it has 27 carbs, and 8 g of fiber, net 18 carbs. I eat it with sausage or bacon, and cheese. ymmv I also found Mission tortilla, Carb Balance, has 19 carbs, 13 g of fiber. Again neither of these may work for your mom. Test 2 hours after she eats to see how that food affects her BG. Just an aside, I had to limit the fruit I ate until I got my BG's under control. I have introduced some now and they are not a problem. Bananas were the worst. They are full of sugar. Good luck. This is a lifetime journey and it takes awhile for her body to adjust to all of the changes your mom will be making.




"D" is Driving me Nuts

I did discover an American cheese I was using had 2 carbs per slice. That was taking my breakfast carbs to over 30. I am finding if I go over 25 carbs per meal I run into trouble. I also think the glimiperided may not be as effective over night. My doctor has me taking much less in the evening than in the morning so I am thinking that may be a problem. I will continue to monitor and really count the carbs more closely. Slippery thanks for the encouraging words. I appreciate it.



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