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insulin info request to Lilly

Eli Lilly, December 1, 2010   Since this email contact came up when I tried to contact Lilly as to my right to thoroughly understand what drug effects I may be shooting up, please allow me to express. I am very concerned about the meta-cresol and phenol preservatives and other possible synthetic GMO chemicals in Lilly insulin that I shoot up many times each day. Has a natural preservative even been considered, like citrus?   As a consumer of your insulin, I wished to explore Humulin NPH as an alternative to Sanofi Aventis Lantus and contacted LillyHasAllTheAnswersCenter. I was rehearsedly told I would have to receive any info through my doctor. As a patient, who only seeks education as to what I put in my body daily...I was NOT allowed access to information and therefore the ability to decide, for myself.   I DO NOT want filtered, diluted and manipulated information from any outside source. That is why I requested info directly from Lilly, the insulin maker. I can easily find requested info about Lantus, from Sanofi Aventis or NovoNordisk.   So what is going on with info about Humulin N? Are lawyers ruling Lilly's business now even more? Your "Answer Center" restricted my access, carefully pacifying me with no answers. Why? Lilly spokesperson mentioned, we must keep our "formula" secret. This is not some game, this is about lives. I am trying to protect my health here and need info to make wise decisions. Would you not want the ability to decide for yourself and your family?   Is not health Lilly's and other Pharmaceutical Industry’s priority?   WHY ALL THE GLYCEROL? IS IT TOXIC, LONG TERM? I need to know, all your consumers need to know and they have that right. Correct? It makes us suspect something is being hidden?   DO WE REALLY KNOW THE EFFECTS OF GMO INSULIN, LONG TERM? GMO FOODS ARE NOW DESTROYING OUR HEALTH. IS IT THE SAME WITH GMO INSULINS? I need to know. I really want my porcine insulin back. Sadly, natural insulins have been run out of the market with these cheap synthetic questionable insulins.   Health above profit? With all this medical intervention, we remain the sickest nation on earth with grotesquely profitable epidemics of heart, cancer and diabetes. Where is the emphasis on prevention, where is that "cure"? I gladly take far less insulin eating no sugar and white flour. Why does Lilly's "source of info doctors" never reveal this lifesaving info?   M-CRESOL IS RATED "POSSIBLE CARCINOGEN" BY FDA. IS THERE REALLY NOT A SAFER PRESERVATIVE? HOW DOES LILLY REALLY KNOW THE SIDE EFFECTS LONG TERM, why not just use something safer?   Is Lilly so set in their "secret formula" they are willing to risk short term monetary gain for us dying diabetics? What will true research reveal about long term use of PHENOL?   Sad state of our nation, with the drug pushers, pushing their drugs for mere profit not health. Sorry, we are dying needlessly here…   If drugs are needed, let's join together to make SURE their benefits outweigh their risks. Health first. Blessings to all. Please send along email with needed answers.



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