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My pregnancy journey = blood sugar

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I've had T2 for about 6 years now. I was under pretty bood control for about4 years. Then I got lazy and stopped testing as often And my A1C was 9.8. Well at the same time we were TTC, not knowing my sugar was that bad. I got pregnant and MC. For a year we were still trying ( my O.B told me my high BS wasn't a big deal in early pregnancy) :mad: I got pregnant again almost a year later and changed doc's. With her help i got my sugar under control in 3 weeks but it wasn't fast enough as i still miscarried. 2 months after that i had an A1C of 5.8 :D. I'm currently 6 weeks prego and at about 4 and a half weeks i started seeing really high #'s. My doc adjusted my insulin. It's still not as low as i would like but it's getting better. I think when i go to see her tomorrow she will adjust it again. Then it should go down to where we wnat it. Since being prego it's been harder to control my diet bacause of morning sickness and now some craving's. I just have to remember what it's for. I currently have an A1C of 6.3.

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OK, so I had read that in the early months of pregnancy it is common to experience low blood sugars. How long after concieving will you start to notice them?

I have also read that later on during pregnancy you start to get insulin resistence. When does this occur?

Mostly I have heard high bloods sugars can cause harm to the baby. What about low blood sugars?




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