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Living and learning with Diabetes

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My name is Tiffany AKA sweetblood. The journey in my life with diabetes has been a long twisting road with speedbumps along the way. But I perrsevere and keep plugging along and take the most out of life as I can. Hope you enjoy reading this as I give you a glimpse into my life as a person with diabetes.


It started back around 1996 when I started feeling ill after eating especially lots of sugar. I would get anxious, shaky and downright irritable. And I craved sugar and carbs in the worst way. I gained about 20 lbs in about 6 months. I went to doc and after telling him my sx he tested my BG. It was low. I was dx d with hypoglycemia. Was instructed to eat small meals thru day. I proceeded with my life for next several years ignoring the vague symptoms of fatigue and not feeling "quite right".


Fast forward to 2005. I had gotten my own place (finally!) After a battle with a relative and getting independent because I was being "used" financially, so I bailed and got my apt. Then disaster. Hurricane katrina came and almost decimated the city. I cried for days and days. I was stressed and dropped to 100 lbs. I lost the apt and went to stay w my sister in Georgia. I went to doc in Ga cause I was now testing bg and had some high numbers. OGTT test showed prediabetes. Advised to limit carbs and sugars. So I did-for a short time. I started eating more carbs and sweets again and the symptoms returned full force. I moved back home in 06 and got a pet. And was working part time. I was checking sugars here and there and trying my hardest to avoid sweets with limited success.


I got a different job in 08 and was happy again.


Two days before halloween of that year I had eaten a low carb dinner. Bg was fine at 143. Went up to the diner a quarter of a mile from home. Got real dizzy halfway there but made it there. I sat down and fumbled fo my meter. The result was 31. I thought the meter was broken, so retested. 30. So I stumble into the diner and grab a coke and chug it. I was not hungrry but forced myself to eat toast. A half hour later bg was 144. I was shaken but relieved.

The next day I'm feeling flushed and weak. I end up going to er where I get IV fluids and I feel better. Bg in ER was 178 and I'm told to follow up w my doc.


After feeling bad for months I get my present endo who does test after test and says I may be a type one in early stages. I do my best to eat healthy which I'm able to do and effort paid off at last visit. All labs were great!


The last few months have been a roller coaster in my life re diabetes and my personal life. My personal life is better but I have to work on my bg control. I'm swinging again. I hit 600 plus 2 weeks ago but avoided a trip to the hospital. Since then my sugars are crazy. I'm sure my labs won't be as good this time round.


I will post here frequently.


Later :)

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