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I hadnt updated this blog for sometime after some negative input, when my aim was to try and make more people aware and have somewhere i could get my thoughts out.


I have a blog now that i use and havent had abuse from anyone there. emilyb.blog.co.uk


I want to thank those who have messaged me and i appreciate hearing about your experiences too. I know now that i am not alone and there are many people out there struggling with this. I dont often check here now due to previous experiences but if you message, i thankfully get an email to tell me to look. Im not ignoring you, i just dont use this much more.


To those still struggling with diabulimia - tell somebody. Dont leave it too late for them to know via the emergency services.


You are not alone.


Diabulimia awareness on facebook saved my life.

DWED - diabetics with eating disorders website

BEAT.co.uk - eating disorders info

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