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Getting My Life Back

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Getting my life back

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My first Blog well here goes. 3 years ago I found the most wonderful group of people here on DF. Before this I had managed my diabetes as something that was just there. Some months I would be caring of it and myself. For long periods of time it was very much in the background. I would guess insulin doses take oral meds eat what and when ever I felt like it. I'm a Nurse I should no better

Through reading and talking to people on here I relised I was not alone. That and starting Byetta I gained some control over my D but not letting it control me.

My other huge problem is my weight and I mean HUGE. I have been fat all my life but always could move and do stuff. Well it got out of control and I couldn't walk a few feet without huffing puffing and sweating heaps.

Well last year with the help of a Lap Band and lots of determindation I am 1/2 way to my goal on weight loss.That was last year. So must work harder to achieve this in 2011.

Now the really hard bit in getting my life back is walking away from my marriage. Sad but I'm not happy and life is to short to be stuck in something that is toxic. We have had some fantastic times and I will always cherish those. But I can't handle being told what to do. Having to fight to be allowed to go out , see friends work ,study etc. Also the mental abuse at times. For 9 years I have made excuses and thought it will get better. Well It's not. So at present I'm in planning

If I could talk through it I would but some people just won't listen and they don't have a problem. Better to yell and break things (never their own)

Anyway in the next few weeks I may be absent for a while but I will be back

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