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Much Confusion

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I've landed up on this Forum which has so much information I don't know where to start.


I had cystitis over a weekend when the surgery was closed so I went to the local Walk In centre. When they tested my urine they found Glucose ++++, so they did a fingerprick test, which was 20. They said that bladder infections can cause false glucose readings and that I should see my Dr. So I made an appointment and had blood tests done.


When I went back for the results, I was told it was only marginally up and that I should talk to the practice nurse about diet. I didn't do that because I forgot. When I was called for diabetic eye screening, I went, and told the technician that I wasn't diabetic and didn't know why I had bee called. When I was called for my annual check up, I was sent to the Diabetic Nurse, and again I said I wasn't diabetic. She very gently and kindly insisted that I was, and she checked my feet and weight etc. I had been on a diet and had lost 11kg so further dietary issues were not discussed.


I've recently gained weight and have cravings for carbohydrates, plus my hands and feet tingle. I keep getting thrush and a sore tongue so I looked on the Internet to find information, and ended up here. I've decided to make an appointment with the Diabetic Nurse because I realise I have no idea what my blood sugar levels are or what I should be eating. Nobody has yet sat down with me and gone through the whole thing with me, and because of that I assumed it was all a minor issue not worth bothering about. I have been given no testing kit or medication, and they seemed happy with my weight loss so I haven't taken any of it seriously.


And it seems that that was a mistake.

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