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I've not been exercising regularly. I've not been doing nothing, but shovelling snow and lugging firewood aren't enough. I did walk a lot during September and October, but then the dark season hit and I got busy with that novel writing business. DW and I decided to do something about it.


We didn't join a standard mass-market gym. We joined the gym run by a local sports rehab guru. Stewart went to the same university as DW and me, and he's helped our son on several occaisions deal with injuries. We've seen how thorough his knowledge and understanding of the human body are. We trust him. The gym is also full of old, sick people trying to get healthy. The only young, vibrant ones either work there or are treating injury. Stewart also does rehab work for our QMJHL hockey team and used to work for our AHL franchise when we had one.


He starts people off on his "Wellness Program." It begins with a health and mobility assessment followed by a half hour of cardio and ending with stretching. Session #2 will add lower body resistance exercises, if I'm up to it, and session #3 will add upper body.


We started off with the interview. It went fine. He pulled me away immediately to show me all the sugar caches. Next came the blood pressure test. I was kind of concerned that it might be high and he wouldn't let me work out. I really don't feel like visiting doctors right now. He took a long time to read it, and when he was done he asked me to raise my arm and squeeze my fist ten times. I didn't think it sounded like high BP. It sounded more like low. He then squeezed it up again for a second read. I watched him this time. I could see the meter. I really don't kknow how to read them. The verdict was 126/60 twice. Sweet!


One treadmill ride with my heart rate between 120 and 130 for 25 minutes and a few tortuous stretches later it was "we'll step it up a bit next time' and on I went. A mostly painless session, and I felt pretty good. Legs didn't like it, but the lungs felt great.


Will it help with the weight loss? I'll check back in in a month.

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