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I Don't Get it

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My first reaction to waking up high is to take some Novolog (I mean' date=' if you have it, why not correct?)! Next, fixed regimens of Novolog seem very constrictive.

Lastly, fixing the problem, the dawn phenomenon, is definitely a journey and different for everyone. I still can't figure mine out 100%, though I can say that after I was about to give up increasing my evening Levemir, an additional ONE unit seemed to make a big difference. I must have hit some sort of threshold![/quote']


I use a 1:6 sliding scale for Humalog according to carbs in meal adjusted +/- by1:15 per deviation from "ideal" pre-meal glucose reading. I take 40U Levemir at Bedtime. To prevent high AM readings (dawning or bounce), I take 12-15 grams of Carbs with the Levemir. The same was true for when I was on Lantus. It works for me and I've recorded A1C's of 5.8 tp 6.2 over the last several years. My Endocrinologost loves me. For what it's worth, I hope this helps someone. And please please seek your Diabetes Management from an Endocrinologist. Most Internists or GP's don't really get it.

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