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Life two weeks on

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:)Hi again,

Well it is over 2 weeks since I escaped and I have missed nothing about my old life. Not even my wonderful little farm. I'm sure it helps that I'm staying on a farm and have cows around me.

Now it's the buisness end of the whole thing. Once he got over the shock of me actually leaving. H e still can't understand why has no commprehension that his behaviour is not acceptable.He even told someone I was jealous of the dog that is why I left!!!

Anyway now his main priority is to get as much out of me that he can. He won't move out (thank goodness for my brother and sister in law letting me stay here):)

Lets hope things settle fast.

The really positive things that this turn in my life has achieved is my relationship with my brother and sister in law has strenghtened.(The saying blood is thicker than water is so true)

My weight loss journey is back on track. Lost 6 kilos (12lbs) since Christmas and no it's not just stress I have no junk food in house so can't be tempted. I'm determind to lose next 25kg's by end of year.

Also my diabetes is well in control my insulin usage has dropped yet again That feels so good.

The other big plus is the friends I have and the support I have recieved That has been my tower of strenght. THANKYOU FOR THIS

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