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"Diet" Arizona Green Tea

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Robert James


So' date=' i have been having some really unaccounted for spikes in my blood sugar over the past several days. I could not, for the life of me, figure it out.


I even took a bottle of insulin back to the pharmacy because I figured it MUST be bad given the spikes i was having.


Well, last night, I checked my blood and it was 377...which was odd because the only thing I had was my Arizona Diet Green Tea. I went downstairs, pulled the bottle to re-read the nutritional facts.


Sugar >1

Carbs >1


You can imagine my confusion.

That is, until I got to the fine read print at the bottom on the label (ahem, NOT in the nutritional facts) and it said something to the effect of NOT FOR USE IN DIABETICS WITHOUT THE ADVICE OF A PHYSICIAN. PRODUCT CONTAINS HONEY.


Um, yea.

So, my question is, if there is enough honey in the product to warrant this disclaimer, how come sugar is listed >1?


Anyone else have this issue?


Crazy! I think they should put this "little" piece of info in the nutritional info, as I usually don't read the fine print on the backs of bottles...that is such important info, you would think they would put the disclaimer where they KNOW a diabetic would read it![/quote']

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