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Wide swings in BG

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I was diagnosed during a hospital visit ... from physicals being 'a little high' in fasting to values in the high 200's without warning. A1C was 10.2


Rx 2 x 500mg Metformin and 2 x 5mg Glyburide. This did little good until I found that the 45-60 gm of carbs that the CDE said were 'necessary' were in fact grossly excessive. I do not deliberately eat anything at all that are significant carb sources. No beans, bread, fruit, cooked veg with more than low GI, no breakfast cereal or grain products, etc etc. I managed this way to get my avg below 100, a1c at 5.5. Dropped another 20 lbs. Walk more. Yet I swing between being hypoglycemic and having to carry some dried mango with me, to going after having tofu and veg roll for breakfast from a 70-90 running level from the prior dinner time to 250. Enough to make me simply want to end it all .. what is the point of having rather boring diet, avoiding any food, etc etc if in fact apparently nothing at all will drive it into dangerous levels.


Anyone have any experience with this, or references? I know about the Dawn effect and have seen that occassionally, but til now I dealt well by keeping half a glyburide to take at bed time.

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