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Get Busy Living

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Get Busy Living


David P. Greenberg


“Get busy living or get busy dying.” That quote comes from “The Shawshank Redemption” – one of my all time favorite movies. We’re all faced with that paradox, that dillema. How do we get busy living in this new world? What do we do with talents, skills and dreams that we can’t fulfill? How do we help our fellow Man, while surviving ourselves, when there are so many factors working against us?

These questions provided the impetus for me to create my concept magazine - Nµ30. This project is of incredible importance to me, and I believe, to others grappling with the same issues.

I wanted something that I could do for a job in an economy that no longer provides for people who want jobs. I wanted something that could allow me to use the talents and skills that took me a lifetime to hone. I wanted something that would enable, and provide for me, to continue in my miraculous self-help program that saved my life and got me off the “Big Pharma” jag that was my disease.

Nµ30 can and will be that lifeline. It will allow me to employ myself, and to employ my talents.

OK, I get that it’s somewhat rough. I get that the videos didn’t work in this first issue. They will in the second. I get that the “magazine” layout I wanted might be a few months off in the future. I also get that selling a product that has no advertising, no subscription base and no official backing might be difficult – perhaps, at this early stage, impossible.

However, I don’t care. See, I got the idea, and the first priority for me, became making it so. I wanted to get busy living, and I had to take some short cuts to get it out there. It’s a work in progress, and it’s growing and developing every day. It’s an adventure, and an experiment, that requires your help. I need funding. I need following. I need readership. I need people who share my vision – a renaissance vision of self-sufficiency, strength and inventiveness.

I’m writing this note, today, to convince people how important I think this can end up being. Not just for Jack, my poor overworked wife, and me, but also for all the people who read it and take from it the spark of inspiration for them to find their own program to a revitalized youth, and an independence from doctors and drugs.

Here’s some of what you can do to be part of the Nµ30 movement, and to help me realize this pipe dream of mine.

Primarily, I need financing to maintain my support, until I can begin to sell this project to those who will be providing it to you, the readers. That can be accomplished by clicking the following link:


Nµ30 Magazine by David P. Greenberg - GoFundMe


If you can’t make a financial commitment – and believe me, I understand – you can share this link out. You can e-mail it to your friends. Show it to your doctor, your pharmacist. Put it on your bulletin board at work. I’m doing everything I can to get the word out, but we need eyeballs. We need people to see both the magazine itself, and the promotional pages. We need people who are in a position to donate, to do so. In order for that to happen, they need to see it.

Secondarily, I need “Likes” and readers. You can read the magazine, by going to this link:


Nµ30 Premier


While you’re there, you can get some of Jack’s wit and wisdom by clicking:


A Little Help From One of Boston's Edgier Journalists


In coming months, you’ll be able to join private groups dedicated to this magazine and its broader conceptual idea. You’ll also be able to click on the embedded links, and support us that way. Right now, you can go to:

Nµ30 - Magazine | Facebook and click “Like.”


So please consider helping me bring this resource to the people who need it. I thank you, and Jack – the Internet rock star – thanks you.

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