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My Restaurant Concept

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I am currently working on my dream, when I find the time:o Any and all comments from you would be greatly appreciated!

I am trying to learn all I can about the eating habits and/or needs of diabetics, heart conscious or just healthy eaters in general. I am just health conscious at this point and I have ALOT of trouble going out to eat on a budget. My choices seem to be fried, fast food or overly expensive crappy salads..... I'm frustrated and I have dreamt about my own restaurant for so long it seems as if it should already be a reality.

My original thoughts ranged from B&B to catering to upscale. I thought I had settled on Fresh and Diabetic friendly. Until I came across a post on here from a Baltimore student looking for feedback on a Diabetic Restaurant. It never occured to me that my idea was insulting, or at the least shining a spotlight where you may not want it shined.

So back to the drawing board I went. I have always liked gardening, though rarely had time for it. But, it seems as if that is where my ideas keep heading.

I looked further into sustainable agriculture. My reasoning before was merely money based. I can save myself and my customers a ton of money if I grow alot of my produce on site. And with the money saved I can get what I need shipped in during the colder months of the year. But then I realized that if I had product left over it could go to the farmers market, shelters or just to food pantries. I can make it much more than a simple restaurant. It can be a community based project. I'm looking into the Community service program in my area as well as inquiring if schools would be interested in taking short field trips to the garden. It can be an Asset to the Community.


So here's what I propose:

A small restaurant, 10-12 tables, serving fresh produce from the onsite garden, fresh meats from a well known local Butcher at realistic prices for any budget.


Fresh soups with the option of white or whole wheat house made noodles

Sandwiches on fresh bread (white, wheat, 12 grain, rye and italian)

My awesome individual veggie lasagna

Hand cut steaks, if not to order then cut daily

A variety of sides for both the health conscious and those who Healthy is a bad word:T


All of my food will be carefully prepared, THE SAME WAY DAILY, with a computer database on hand with all my menu items various nutritional facts. I will have my menu evaluated by both the ADA and the AHA. If you are still unsure, all you need to do is ask the waitstaff for the information on any item you are considering having for dinner.


Would you be willing to try a restaurant out that offered the cuisine I want to offer? Is there anything you would like to see on the menu? I can give you more info if you are interested. Talk to me, let me know what you think! I'm still in the planning stages so there is more to come... And thank you to anyone who takes the time to comment. It means alot:D

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