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Fairy Nurse


I am a Type 1 insulin pump user and CGM user.


Unfortunately where I live the only diabetes group that exists' date=' is a mixed group with all diabetes types, and only meets 4 times a year. :mad: I have long been frustrated that the local hospital does not offer more than this.


There is a group I am planning to check out this month that is about 1 hour away, that is specifically for type 1 diabetics (especially pump users).


I am wondering how viable you think it might be to put out flyers, seeking interest in forming a Type 1 group - especially for pump and CGM users, but injections too.


If you were shopping somewhere and you saw this inquiry flyer, what would you want to see on it that would perk your interest?

[list']How would you want to contact this person inquiring? By phone, email, website?


Would you want to see a specific age group or all age groups welcome?


How often would you want the group to meet?


What kind of activities would you want-- if you came to this group?


Would you want it structured or casual?


Would you want a theme or focus each meeting?


I'm seriously considering making a flyer to plaster around the area... I'm sure there's got to be Type 1's in my area.... and maybe they are all in hiding... :confused:


Suggestions welcome...

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