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life can be harsh when you're a diabetic...

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i can still remember how it felt when the ER doctor told me i was diabetic... it was march 25th, 1992 and just after 11am... i had, what i thought, was a simple yeast infection, though i was 15, i kinda hoped it wasn't that cuz i had always believed what one of my sisters said about yeast infections (you get them if you're dirty and don't clean properly)... so i was secretly wishing it wasn't that... that it was anything but that... not knowing what the 'anything' could be...


the doctor took a stick test and i was at 34.7 (625)... when i was told it was diabetic and because of my level, i was type 1, which was called "insulinodependant diabetic"... long name but the insulin thing was lost on me... the doctor came out of his office and started getting physically mad with my GP, who was in the same medical clinic... turns out my levels when i had T4 blood tests for my hypothyroidism were elevated to the point of being in the teens (180 to 300)... and i was never told that i was diabetic... the endo who was treating me for my thyroid kept saying my blood sugars were slightly up because i was overweight for my age...


my GP wasn't responsible for not telling me, but he was accountable for never noticing the high levels... but i never complained to anyone, nor did i sue or anything of the sort... i did, however, stop going to that endo...


anywho... i was sent to a local hospital and spent the better part of the first day learning the terms, injection styles, reasons for, complications of, and, oddly enough, i was made to smell different levels of gangrene, from beginning of to complete necrosis...


my two older sisters were at home (it was a wednesday) by the time my parents left the hospital... i didn't see anyone until the day after because by the time my parents got home and told my sisters and had something to eat, it was past visiting hours and i was on the peds floor since i was 15, and i felt so alone... all i had with me was my sony walkman...


the batteries were getting low so i listened to the radio until i fell asleep... most of the stations where doing elton john songs because it was his 45th birthday... i was so depressed at the time, that listening to his songs helped me thru the first day...


i also snapped out of the blues because there was a little 4 yr old who's parents couldn't visit her everyday, so i spent my days strolling around the floor with her in a hospital carriage... she was HIV positive but showed no signs of damage from the disease... the nurses told me to be careful, so i walked around with a mask on and she was in protective gear... a few nights, she cried, so i would sit with her and stroke her hair until she fell asleep... seeing this poor little girl and knowing that she had a hard life ahead of her, however much time she had... it woke me up to the fact that my life wasn't over...



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