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Protein Management

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Some time ago I listened to a podcast with Dr. Rosedale. It was probably one of Jimmy Moore's. He said some interesting things about fat metabolism. His premise was that a healthy person is somebody who burns fat. If your not burning it, you're storing it, including in arteries. It has stuck with me and forms a basis of my eating -- a ketogenic diet.


Recently I found myself thinking about protein metabolism, particularly gluconeogenesis (GNG). We type 1's have runaway GNG due to our absence of the hormone amylin. What got me thinking about this further was a post here (maybe elsewhere) about weight distribution of type 1s. Many say we tend to be skinny and I say otherwise, so I tried to find some evidence online that we are normal. I found a study that said we were nearly normal with the exception that many of us are skinny. Great. Thanks for clarifying.


So there are many skinny type 1's. Why? We generally take more insulin than the normal person; we should all be fatter. What could be going on? My thoughts turned to protein. I don't know any muscular type 1's. I'm not. I can gain muscle; I have. I gain fairly easily in my legs, but my upper body tends to be weak. If I train for six months I can work up to 3x10 120lb bench presses. My 19yr old son can do that much without training. I also lose muscle mass easily. I just started weight training again this week, and I'm starting off at very low weights. 120lb squats should be something I can do on one leg all day long, but it's a struggle at the moment to get 15 reps in.


So I'm guessing that we skinny and muscle-challenged type 1's are fighting GNG as a protein drain. It consumes protein, including our muscles. It seems reasonable to me. But here's a question: what impact does resistance training have on GNG? If I lift heavy weights, will muscle repair override GNG demands? Will I reduce the protein draw? Will my sugar production come down? Will my insulin levels fall? Will I lose fat because of this?


This is my current experiment. Let's see if I leave everything else the same what some intense resistance training will do for me. Starting weight: 225lbs.

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