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My new diet: Losing Weight & Feeling Good in the Process...

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After my diagnosis' date=' 2 years ago, one of the restrictions put on my 'outpatient' sheet was no alcohol. I'm assuming that was put there due to making the ER doctor privy to the fact that I was consuming about 3 gallons of whiskey a month...for the last 10 years. A functional alcoholic, agreed...but a happy, functional alcoholic.


In the ER basic Q&A session I'd mentioned that I drank this amount for 10 years...and eventually gotten bored with it all and quit drinking, altogether, 4 weeks before my ambulance trip to the ER with a high level of ketoacidosis, an HbA1c of 15.3% a BG of 513mg/dL, and all the accompanying symptoms of a belabored lifestyle. I'm assuming after 10 years of my liver dealing with the alcohol...it came back with a vengeance dumping as much glucose as it felt like into my system. That, coupled with bouts of pancreatitis killing off beta cells, my pancreas took a vacation until I was a little nicer to it.


Over the last 2 years I've tried to lose weight. Being partially disabled, I'm not really that exercise guy. I did walk up to the mailbox (100 yards) once a day for 18 months and ate at least 25% less than before. Diet, exercise, a quick shot of Lantus in the morning followed by 1 strip of bacon, 2 medium eggs, Lipitor, Lisinopril, a multivitamin and an 81mg aspirin was my mantra. In 18 months...I lost 2 pounds. A guy could give up, eh?


As of the end of February, and you may have noticed the change in my week-end posting, I'm on a new diet. During the week I'm on a HF/LC diet. The percentiles aren't important...my meter agrees with my choices. On the week-end...it's a different story, similar to the Ketogenic diet where you eat HF/LC for 5 days...then reverse the process on the week-end, so it's been Jack Daniel's, goat cheese and Slim Jims on Saturday & Sunday. The outlaw-biker's diet I adhered to in my younger, 'Live Fast, Die Young...Leave a Good-Lookin' Corpse' days. One has to wonder with a mantra like that...how the heck I've made it to 68 years old? I must have cheated!


So far...since the beginning of March...I've lost 11 pounds. I find myself, at the supermarket, constantly pulling my pants back up around my waist. Monday I bought suspenders. I'm wondering if I can write them off as medical supplies?! Right now, I'm at 258 pounds...which is like constantly giving a piggyback ride to my 100 pound grandson wherever I go. I'm looking forward to being an old, semi-ugly skinny guy...instead of an old, semi-ugly fat guy and getting my quasi-grandson OFF MY BACK!


C'mon Jack Daniel's...:D[/quote']

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