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My gosh...how time flies...

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It'll be 2 years' date=' next month, since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. For the first 8 months I tried the Bayer Contour...and then the Bayer Breeze2 glucose meters. Never cared for their Microlet lancing device...or the pretty multicolored lancets. My next meter became one of my current 2 meters, the Accu-Chek Compact Plus. My latest meter...the Bayer Contour USB.


At first, as everyone else new to this probably does, I used a new lancet for every test. Reading how others reuse their lancets I thought I'd follow in lock step...with no runs, no drips and no errors. I replace the lancet when I replace the 17-test-strip drum. My testing supplies is handled by Medicare and my insurance so I pay nothing when the boy brings the lancets and test strips out every 34 days. Even though I would have lancets left over...my mindset was to order new lancets to give those paying for this the impression I was using up my allotment, as presumed. If you've ever dealt with the American government...you'll understand.


Well, um, that "extra" bag has gotten a bit large. About 800 lancets from an educated guess. I thought, dang, Bounty, this is starting to look like a misdemeanor you have going here, trying to fool the government into believing you need all what you're ordering. So, today I decided to stop ordering lancets...[b']forever[/b]. Simple math...if I may; 800 lancets, times 17 days per lancet...is 13,600 days. Divide that by 365 days and I have enough lancets at the moment to last me for the next 37 years. I'm 68...I'll let you folks do he rest of the math. :D

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