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Thanks for visiting my blog post, I am Sharon D. Jones.


I was diagnosed in May 2006 with diabetes with a HbA1c of 9.8%, from oct 2006 I was placed on insulin therapy to control blood sugars that did not respond to oral medications.


I enjoyed excellent control whilst on insulin therapy but I knew that one day I would challenge the conventional view that diabetes is irreversible.


In July 2009 I started out on an experiment that would change my life, I adopted the alkaline diet and within five short weeks my insulin requirements dropped from 23 units per day to zero!


‘Alkalise Me’ is the book I wrote about my experiences on the alkaline diet during those first crucial weeks and first tentative steps into diet control after being insulin dependent.


It was written in the hope that others may be inspired to do the same.


Sharon D. Jones




Alkalise Me is available in Paperback and Kindle from amazon and major book stores.


ISBN-10: 1456777157


ISBN-13: 978-1456777159


Kindle: ASIN: B0051UMG5G

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