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A New Cholesterol Measurement

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There is tension in the world of cholesterol. Those of us eating high saturated fat,low carbohydrate diets are claiming that this is much better for heart disease prevention because we increase the size of our LDL particles. The problem seems to be though, that the medical establisment can't take their sights off of the LDL value in our standard lipid measurements. I think we can all agree that the LDL value alone is a lousy predictor of heart diease. Even teh staunchest cardiologists admit this. However, it's the best we have. *gawd*


The problem is these policy setting scientists that have listened to their cheque-writers (For you Americans, a cheque is a check. If you can't handle such a change, you shouldn't be reading my blog!). They have listened so hard, they forgot to follow teh real science. Now that science is catching up to them. In my opinion, the stage is almost set for some class action lawsuits against the NHLBI and USDA for setting policy according to paycheques and not science. The key point I want to make clearis they are very likely looking for a way out, a compromise if you will.


I'm hearing some rumblings about a new measurement. It's not that new, but it hasn't been used much. It's not been set in policy or even discussed by teh ATP in their timely seven year reports. Good God, the number one killer in America only gets discussed every seven years. Another slant against them if a law suit gets launched. Anyway, this new measurement amazing keeps the old LDL value in play and also seems to accomodate the new breed of lipidologists like myself. It's called non-HDL cholesterol.


NHC? Is that it? Yup, that's it. I do not know if the VLDL value nees to be added into the total value. It's the sum of all cholesterol or APO-B particles. The theory says that APO-B is actually what's dangerous, so we should measure it all. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought HDL used the same APO-B as LDL, the APO-B 100 protein. Basically what they are saying is both LDL and VLDL are atherogenic, VLDL being the lipoprotein not currently measured. Amazingly it seems that those persons with LDL that experience heart atacks do in fact have high VLDL numbers, so this new capture may in fact be much more relevant. It also opens up the door for doctors to accept those up us on HFLC diets whose LDL value increases. Maybe. Doctors, just like my fellow Americans, do not like to change. [sorry, but politics is getting to me lately]. I hope this accomodates the new LDL size way of thinking. I really do.


It should fit my way of thinking, that LDL size is the cause of modern heart disease, and that LDL size is based on triglyceride levels. Triglyerides are caried by VLDL aprticles. Therefore, high trigs means high VLDL which means high NHC. Win, win, win!


So scientists now have a compromise which lets them off the hook for hundreds of millions of early deaths, rampant obesity, and the entire host of western diseases. Wow. We new self-proclaimed [really, we know squat] lipidologists are acknowledged, and most importantly it opens teh door to change our food guidelines and systems. It's not a wholesale admittal of wrong advice but a step towards better advice.


I still hope somebody sues their butts!

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