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What's Cookin'? Meatloaf and tacos.

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@Moonpie' date=' thanks for clarifying~

When I had a toaster oven I used to pop the tortilla in there, covered with cheese, added a little sliced green onion and salsa plops.

Broil till bubbly.

The thing about all that cooking is: I do it when I am going to be home for a chunk of time and start several things at once in the kitchen. Then I set my timer which can time several things at once. It seems to save so much time and effort doing several things at once. I try to wash everything up as I go and this also means the dishes are done or loaded in the dishwasher and out of the way. My mom used to follow me around the kitchen and wash up while I cooked. It really helped my attitude when she did that for me. We used to laugh a lot and have music on, maybe a glass of wine or two. : )


I made that meatloaf and the taco meat. I froze most of the taco meat in 2 c sized Rubbermaid containers leaving space at the top so the portions would be perfect for 2 meals each. For the taco meat I added 2 T ea. chopped jarred sliced jalapenos and peporoncinis and this adds a wonderful jazzzy pepper taste. For the meatloaf I add Italian herbs and some rosemary. Usually I use my super low carb bread crumbled but this time I found a super low carb cereal at Trader Joes and used 1/4 c of that instead. It turned out very well but was so similar to the low carb bread I might as well keep using the bread instead. It has less carbs anyway. Next thing to cook is Dana Carpender's "I have a life chicken" recipe which is basically a slow cooker orange chicken recipe. I wish I had a slow cooker that really did havehad low temps for the low setting. I guess I will be cooking stuff for a lot less time and checking internal temps but it defeats the purpose of being able to leave all day and come home to a done dinner. Also you have to pop the lid which brings the internal temp down. I may use my dutch oven instead.


Happy cooking everybody,


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