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I can't wait to get the USB cable for my meter (One Touch Ultra2), so I can download the software and start making pie charts. :D I love seeing data in graphs and charts. Nerd alert!


My numbers have been kind of all over the place, and I'm interested to see what it looks like in graph form. The numbers are still too high, but they have been gradually coming down, thanks to exercise and lower carbs. I'm not thanking the Met just yet, as it's only been a week on that. I am very impatient and want my numbers to be normal, like, yesterday, but I'm going to have to wait!


Been sick this whole week with a yucky cold, and I haven't exercised in 2 days. I feel antsy, like I can actually FEEL the BS rising without the exercise. :T


Did I mention my awesome score on test strips from eBay? Got a pack of 100 for $40, and they don't even expire for 2 more months! ;) That beats the sh*t out of the $53 I paid for a pack of 50 at Walgreen's! Thank you, fellow diabetics, for educating me about Amazon and eBay.

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