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I ate 4 measly strawberries last night and this morning, and my blood sugar did not like it. Come on! This is what's so frustrating about this disease. I'm going to try eating them in the middle of the day, as I definitely seem to do best at that time. And maybe 3, instead of 4. ;)


Tonight I'm making chicken cacciatore, with tomatoes and chicken broth. Usually I would eat this over rice, but I guess I'm eating it by itself! I can make some spinach, I suppose. Yuck.


I've been living this new life for a week and a half, but it feels like months already. This is a radical change. I keep telling myself to think about all the new clothes I'll be able to buy, and the physical stuff I'll be able to do. Going to the grocery store sucks.


And because I never want to leave a blog post on a negative: had my lowest number yet today, a 147 before lunch. Every day seems to get just a little better. :)

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