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Strive to Keep Your HBA1c Glucose Levels at Normal Levels - 4.2% - 4.9% (70-97 ml/dl)

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To avoid diabetic or prediabetic complications, it makes sense to keep your HBA1c levels as near to that of a normal person as possible. By doing this, diabetics and prediabetics can avoid or minimize the various complications that plague diabetics. For type 2 diabetics, this would mean that they would have to work at losing weight especially belly fat, use areobic exercise, do weight lifting, control their diet (low carb/high protien), and finally if necessary use basel and bolus insulin to bring their blood glucose levels down to the HBA1c range of 4.2% - 4.9%. Note: Insulin has proven to be the only way to really control blood glucose levels for the type of control that is required to normalize blood glucose levels. While there are many oral medications, most of these do not lower glucose levels to that of a normal person better than insulin. Testing with a meter should be done at least 8 times a day by a type 2 to insure this type of control and to alert the person that their blood levels are not too high or too low but within the 'normal' HBA1c range or 4.2% - 4.9% (70-97 ml/dl). Type 1 diabetics can also strive for and meet this goal as it is as important for them to maintain normalized blood sugars as all others. While their are many differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetics, getting normal blood sugar levels should be a goal of all diabetics and prediabetics, an HBA1c range or 4.2% - 4.9% (70-97 ml/dl).

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