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"Don't you 'member that, gampa?"...

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5 weeks off statins and it seems my presumed dementia wasn't really being caused by the statins. Maybe it's just the natural process of age. Point in case...


My great grand kids were over today. I forget how old they are but they're all about 3 feet high' date=' whatever age that is. Good thing I don't have their energy...I'd break something straight away. After they'd burned off breakfast they were ready for some sit-down entertainment. I turned on the TV, brought up the On Demand feature of my cable service and browsed through the menu...finally deciding on a BBC in America program about killer whales. Nuthin' more interesting than watching kids watch a killer whale chase down a baby seal and toss it through the air with its teeth like it was a Frisbee. The two girls were appalled. The boy thought it was "cool". I'll have to keep an eye on that one.


The show goes into how the killer whale echo locates things. One of the girls says, "I don't understand how that works." Dennis, ever ready to show his knowledge, tells Amy to close her eyes. She closes her eyes. He picks up a fork off the table and puts it in her hand. "Now tell me what you have in your hand." Right away she says, "a fork." Smiling, he says, "See? You told me it was a fork without seeing it. Your touch is a sense, like hearing or smelling. The fish uses echo location." "It's a mammal?" says Amy. "What?" "It's a mammal, not a fish!" "Whatever!" I told Dennis that was really creative the way he explained to Amy how something could "see" something without using its eyes. He said, "you taught me that." "I did?" "Yes, you did. Don't you 'member that?" I didn't have a clue. That must have been when I was mainlining $20 bags of Lipitor. *rolls eyes*


Two things I take away from this: One, 3-foot-tall kids are really fun...if they're someone else's. Two, an old axiom by Mark Twain: 'If you always tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything'. In my childhood years I found that to be very true...sadly, through the trial and error method.[/quote']

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