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Your Blood Glucose Meter is Your Guide to Controlling Diabetes

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Whenever someone gives you advice about this great new food, drink, meal, exercise, diet plan, etc. Let your meter determine how this affects your blood glucose levels. The best way to learn what to eat is to eat by your meter results. Test, eat, then test again 2 hrs afterwards. Your goal at the 2 hr mark is 100 or less. If you have plenty of strips, you can also test at the 1 hr and 3 hr mark. You'll soon learn which foods cause you problems and be able to make the smartest food choices.


Recently, I was laid low with a stomach virus and found that no matter what I ate it resulted in an upset stomach. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I found that drinking Ginger Ale (Sugar) seemed to work wonders for an upset stomach. Ginger can help an upset stomach. This last bout of stomach flu caused me to look for a diabetic natural alternative that would not cause a huge surge in my blood glucose levels. I have found that diet colas and drinks can make my blood sugar go up so gave up drinking them. Found a product called Zevia Ginger Ale made from stevia that has no or 0 impact on my blood sugar, and it calmed my stomach down.


By allowing my meter to determine what affects my blood sugar, I was able to find that a low carb/protien diet or raw vegetarian diet works best for me. Eight years ago when I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I found that the ADA dietary recommendations were causing my blood sugars to be at an unacceptable level which caused me to reject them out right. My target goal for blood glucose levels is HBA1c range or 4.2% - 4.9% (70-97 ml/dl). My last HBA1c was 4.7%. If you are not in this range, then you really don't have great control like you need to avoid diabetic complications.

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