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"One implication of our study is that we may need to reassess how we measure obesity. Our current way of measuring obesity is a ratio of weight and height. This method has no bearing on actual body composition." Dr. Malik


The fact is that more women then men died because of CVD. Women are more likely to fight for weight loose. Women start it early' date=' when they are just became young adult and their bodies stat to change. Women's body have significant changes during pregnancy. Women are more concern about how they look like. How woman looks in eyes of others is more important for women then for men. Finally, women are more likely to be criticized by others. Even standard of body weight for women is higher then for men. Measures BMI are the same for men and women, but in public eyes women must be skinny, really very skinny, but men must have some weight to be considered "a man".




Medscape: Medscape Access

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