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I've tried blogging a bit in the past. I never know what to write though. The bloggers I follow simply write about what's happening, so that's what I'm going to do. I write a lot to other people, and I try to tell them what I'm doing and why, but this blog will be soley about me. I will write about my decisions and challenges. A window into my world.


Before I go, I want to talk about some of my past and of my current objectives. I think it's important to have objectives.


Current status:

Age 49

Type 1, 35th year

MM 722 Insulin Pump, Novarapid

A bunch of meters, but primarily Nova Max Link, BD Link, and Bayer Contour Link

Advanced proliferative retinopathy dx'd March 1994

Vitrectomy Oct 26, 2006

Currently zero signs of damage. I see optho every four months.

Height 5'11" Weight 232.8lbs

Diet: currently low carbing around 30-50g a day, mostly grass-fed local meats, veggies, raw milk cheeses



Just got a note from my NP: Well… that is a bad day … and it is reflected in your fasting blood sugar. However, your A1C is very nice. Have placed the labs on the portal for your review…HDL is amazing (as it has been for some time) but I smile every time I see it. I emailed her that my fasting sugar was awful due to a bad set.



A1C mid 5's or better

Triglycerides below 0.5 mmol/l

Minimal hypos

Obtain an optimal weight

Make my body healthier - cardiovascular, cancer, dementia, etc. I want to reach at least the age of 80 with no further complications!


Total Cholesterol: 4.65 down from 4.74

HDL: 2.21 down from 2.28

LDL: 2.24 down from 2.27

Trigs: 0.45 up from 0.42


A!C: 5.6 down from 5.9

Fasting: 12.1! up from 2.7 (ha!)






I woke this morning with a BG of 4.8 mmol/l. If you are going to read this stuff, get used to the measurements. I'm not including the American numbers, even though I am an American. If you haven't clued in, I live in Canada. I got to work about an hour ago. I emptied my bag and discovered I didn't have a meter with me. I checked the spare in my desk, but it has no strips. *sigh* I may pick up some at lunch, but I think I'll just skip testing 'till I get home. I have to leave early to pick up my son from his summer job. He's working at a church for the summer as a councellor/maintenance person. I have only sliced roast beef for lunch, so it should be pretty easy to keep the BGs good.


Just got my labs. I'm very happy about my new personal best A1C of 5.6! I've been trying to get it down, but 5.9 is the best I could achieve. The only change I made this time was to drop carbs from 50-75g a day to 30-50g a day. It seems strange I could get a 5.9 eating 250g a day and not improve it by dropping to <75, but I could improve it by a slightly further drop to <50. I did it basically by giving up milk and cutting back on fruit. I felt my sugars stabilize immediately. Crazy disease! My weight has dropped some during this time as well. I was 238.6 on June 8th. My low since then is 230.6.


I'm on a new project now. It will present some major challenges for me diabetiwise. I'll be living alone in another city for three or four months, St. John's Newfoundland. I'll have no car. Today I'm trying to find cost effective living arrangements. I want something near more than one food source, near a pharmacy, that has exercise facilities, phone, tv, and internet, and is on a bus route. If you've never heard of St. John's, it's the oldest city in North America, and it is the most easterly city on the continent. St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The people are very friendly. I will be flying there probably the weekend after next. They are resetting teh connectivity with the client, so there's no point going till it's all set up. This is phase 2, and apparently phase 1 connections didn't work so well.

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