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Waitress with a sense of humor...

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Doug came by this morning to see if I wanted to ride out to Bangor for a BBQ/Kegger. Kegger' date=' wow, that brought back memories. I didn't think anyone did that anymore. I told him a "kegger" sounds like a good idea...but you know me; some guy's gonna get stupid, I'm gonna say something, he's gonna respond and I'll wind up having Turkey Surprise at the county jail come next Thursday sundown! So Doug says, "C'mon, let's ride out to Miners Cafe, I'll buy you breakfast and then I'm headin' to Bangor." Absolutely! I will [i']not[/i] turn down a nice ride to a free breakfast.


Waitress comes to our table, "What can I get you two cowboys?" Doug says just a coffee...and I ask for a couple eggs, sausage, hash browns, no toast & coffee. "How would you like those eggs?" the waitress asks. My stomach's growling from smelling everyone else's breakfast for the last 5 minutes and with a slight error in judgement I tell her, "...as soon as possible." She looks me in the eye for a moment, does a quaint about face and heads towards the kitchen.


Doug and I kick the conversation around for a few minutes and up steps our waitress; two coffees and a plate full o' food. M'm! M'm! M'm! She sets my plate down, sets the coffees down and asks if there'll be anything else. I look at my plate, notice that the eggs are still in their shells and ask her if these are hard-boiled eggs. She says, "No, hard boiled eggs would have taken another 5 minutes, those are ASAP eggs, they're uncooked." I pause for a second, smile and say, "No, nothing else. Thank you." She smiles at me, does another 180...and sachets off. Doug can't stop laughing. I think if there was a keyboard on the table...he would have spit his coffee out onto it.


These are what's known as learning moments. I don't particularly care how my eggs are served up unless I'm at home cooking them myself. When someone else is cooking...I take what I get. Eggs in a restaurant rarely come like I order them...so I have to look at other options I might be concerned with...like how much longer do I really wanna sit here and listen to that crying baby two tables over. In any restaurant I'm a 'let's-eat-let's-get-the-flock-outta-here' kinda guy.


I finish off the sausage and hash browns, grab an egg, lean my head back, break it open with my thumbs and let it drop into my mouth. Same with the other egg and chase them both down with the rest of my coffee. Doug's eyes open up wide and he places his hand over his mouth as if to mask a gag reflex. Coffee down, I get the waitresses attention, wave her over and ask for the check. She leans over the table, looks out the window at the bikes, picks up the plate and coffee cups and says, "Breakfast is on me!" "Really?" "Yeah! That was quite the show...dropping those raw eggs into your face. The cook said you'd send 'em back." She smiles again and then walks off. Both Doug and I pull out our wallets and toss a $20 bill down on the table. Doug says, "Pick up your money!" I told him that it wasn't for the food...it was the tip!


Carry on...:cool:

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