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corporate disaster



My title may need work, but, anyway, I'm a type 1 and have been for 2 years,i noticed, while shopping that there are alot of foods dedicated to the type 2 and Gluten free People. My b.g. level is nowhere Near what it should be, i love to eat And there just aren't enough choices out there for me. Now I've heard that once its under control, i can eat whatever I want, my bg ranges from 26 to 400, i was in the hospital for almost a week from diabetic kedoacidosis(spelling?). I've written to multiple companies (hershey, wonderbread, etc....) To create lower carb foods, as I'm strictly on a protein and veg. Diet, that i put myself on, I've lost almost 70lbs because of this, i looked sick at 157, I'm 6`2 and 32 years old, I'm on lantus and novolog, no pump, yet. I'm just tired of spending hard earned money to buy special, very hard to find, food just to live, and it costs almost twice as much as normal, hchs stuff. A bag of peanut butter cups is around $3, same bag, more air sf is almost $6. But all the gluten free is equally priced As normal food. Our disease affects more than 3 million people, i haven't heard anything back from the Co. I've written to, and its been over 3 months. I've become depressed and angry, my wife is great support, but it doesn't really help with big money corps. I'm open to suggestions, questions,ideas..anything that can help. I've done my research and found a university that is working on a type 1 cure by rebuilding the damaged cells, but its only good for those people with the defective gene, not for those like me, with full blown type 1. It's just mean that pharmaceutical companies make insulin so expensive, when we need it to survive, even the cheap stuff is over priced, without ins. An endocronoligist won't see you unless you're loaded. ( which i am not).

Okay, I'm done venting, for now.



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Hi i have found cutting out animal products and only eating fruit in the morning to be very helpful. I also stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Mosly eat nuts beans veggies(fr bozen). Oatmeal with fruit forbreakfast.

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