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My life



I have to admit, I haven't tried to blog before, but thought I'd give it a shot (pun intended).

Having had type 1 diabetes for about 9 years, I thought it was about time to write some about my experiences with it.


I am by no means an expert, I just know my own body and my own case of diabetes, and as for experiences I can only talk for myself.


I have to say though, I find it funny how a lot of non diabetics I've come across through the years get all shaken up by the fact we have to stab ourselves with needles. We have to check our blood glucose a lot and all type 1 diabetics and many type 2 have to take insulin on top of that. I've had my fair share of "oh, poor you, I couldn't do that!" from people. But in all honesty, the needles are what bothers me the least when it comes to managing my diabetes.

Even back in the days where I could actually feel my abdomen and legs, the needles did not bother me at all, except for the occasional ouchy insertion of a CGM sensor, but as for injections... Those needles are so incredibly tiny they really just slide right in, unless of course you happen to find a painful spot, which may happen.

Now I don't feel needles at all, at least in the common injection areas. I'm a T10 complete paraplegic since a while ago, it's no big deal but does complicate things a bit, like when I'm having a high blood glucose... Those of you knowing anything about spinal cord injuries will know why.

It has its perks too though, so I'm not complaining.


But it's just funny how people get stuck with the needles, when there are other aspects of diabetes that is way worse than acting like a reverse hedgehog. My biggest fear when it comes to diabetes is to have anything happen to my eyes because of my diabetes, and the annual checkups on the eyes is something I think is way worse than sticking myself with needles all day. I really do hate the dilation eye drops with a passion! But I still go have it done, because my vision is more important than those few hours of discomfort and the migraine that often comes afterwards.


Another thing about diabetes that I really kinda hate is having to calculate everything all the time! Life is a never ending maths lecture! I really don't mind taking insulin by pump or injection, but that process of calculating how much insulin is needed for each given time, gosh I hate it! I wish there was an app that would tell you how many carbs there is in a meal just by using the camera of your smartphone! Just like there's now apps for measuring your heart rate by the camera. People tend to take pictures of their food all the time anyways, so why not have an app that uses the camera for letting you know the carb count of the meal?!


In general, I live a really good life! I have a loving family, I'm married to the love of my life, we live in an awesome house together with my parents and that's by choice and mutual agreement from all of us because both the house and situation suits me very well.

To be honest, I wouldn't want to change a thing about my life. While yes, I live with a few chronic conditions, artificial heart valves and I've lost the use of my legs, but all those things have just made me a stronger person! You will probably never hear me complain about my situation... I'm a very positive person by nature! And I'd be even more positive if you could see the carb count on your phone screen by using the camera :lol:


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