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... My A1c is high... And im pregnant....



Hi. (:

I just recently found out im 5 weeks pregnant.. We are both so excited, but i have some very deep concerns. Im a type 1 diabetic and although ive been taking very good care of myself my A1c is still high... 12 to be exact. I had two miscarriages before due to the fact that i wasnt taking care of myself. Now with everything going smoothly in my life and trying not to stress, as worried as i am, i dont want to anything that could harm the baby.. As unplanned as this was, it was a very pleasant surprise.. After the first miscarriage i went through a very deep depression.. I just keep praying that if i continue taking care of myself, that we'll have a beautiful, healthy baby.. Thats all i really want.. I was at the doctors the other day and it seems as though everything (pregnancy wise) looks great.. I just dont feel like im out of the woods yet.. Has anyone else ever been in my shoes..?? I hoping that i can get some postive feedback from this blog, so i know im not the only one whos dealt with this and i can stay positive..


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