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New to using an insulin pump



I am 21 year old male and just started using an insulin pump again three days ago after trying it out three weeks over the summer but had a rough time after making a trip to California which resulted in out of control BGs due to the three hour time difference. I'm having a difficult time understanding basal rates and their relation to gluconeogenesis. I realize the purpose of a basal rate is to serve as a "background insulin" to compensate for the bodies natural production of glucose through gluconeogenesis and various other metabolic pathways throughout the course of the day. Upon setting these basal rates, would it be a good idea to eat the same amount of carbohydrates at the same time & exercise at the same time throughout the day? Also if basal insulin is suppose to compensate for 45-55% of my daily insulin and I were to eat a significantly more amount of carbohydrates at one time of the day more than others, would it be ideal to set a higher basal rate for this time of the day? Also if I were to skip such a high carbohydrate meal on a different day would I have to set a temp basal rate (ex.~75%) for this time of the day? Or would my body naturally begin to break down its glycogen stores by gluconeogenesis or other means to compensate since I'm eating a high carbohydrate meal at the same time of the day? I realize a good basal rate is suppose to keep BGs in target range even when skipping meals but our body's metabolic production of glucose is influenced by a number of things, it seems like this might be an even more difficult way of treating diabetes than through using a long acting insulin such as Lantus

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Hello Lispro. Welcome abroad. By your name, I guess you use Humalog Lispro, do you?

Let's talk business. Pal, first of all you posted in the wrong place. This is a blog area, for aksing questions and seeking help you ahould have created thread in the proper respective category given there...


For setting up Basal properly, you have to do Basal testing and then adjust accoridngly. For details..



Should you need more help create a thread there, we all will be happy to help you...

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