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First blog ever!



Hello, my name is Amanda. I'm 20 years old, a Type 1 Diabetic and have been since I was 12.

I've never blogged before so not 100% sure if I'll be any good but thought I'd give it a try and hopefully find some inspirational people and motivational stories.

I hope that by starting this blog I will find a new support network filled with people just like me. I don't know any other diabetic so it can be very lonely and be a bit of a taboo subject and I want to change this.


Hopefully I will get to speak to many of you, swap stories, compare tips and just get to know some new friends.


Have a lovely day guys and hopefully speak to some of you soon.


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Hey AmandaBates!

I'm new here as well. I'm not a diabetic myself but my mom and a few other family members are all type 2 diabetics. It is because of them I work as a fitness/nutrition professional now -  so things have been looking up for them.

I'm here to better understand the emotional side of being a diabetic so to be a better support system to them, as well as answer food questions and help anyone in this forum who would like my help.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from you soon!

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Hey :) 


That's lovely that you have decided to live your life a certain way to help your family! 

If you ever need any advice or someone to talk to let me know :) 

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Bravo on your first entry!! I hope that you will blog regularly. I hope to as well! Support is always here for you!

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