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Does anyone help any tips of avoiding late night hypos? Please, there my biggest fear!



Hey guys!

Just wanted to chat quickly about late night hypos.

One of my BIGGEST fears, and the other night it happened. I woke up the other night weak, shaky, sweaty and disorientated.

Thankfully I managed to deal with my 2.2 hypo!

I was just wondering if any of you guys have any tips etc for ensuring this doesn't happen??

It rarely ever happens but when it does it terrifies me.

I would really appreciate any advice!


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Hey there!

First off do you ever workout or consume alcohol close to bedtime?
If you do it can cause lows during the night. Do what you can with your schedule to combat this.

Secondly, check your numbers right before bed...which is probably a given for you by now.
If you see that your numbers are low, snack accordingly. I would suggest you snack on a starchy vegetable like a white or sweet potato, chestnuts, a squash, or beets. 

TIP: keep a prepped "emergency carb" dish in the fridge for moments like last night (mashed sweet potatoes are an easy and loved go-to for the ones in my family with diabetes).
Third, do not be skimpy with dinner.
Having a light dinner or no dinner at all is the perfect set-up for hypos.
I hope you find this helpful!

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