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The Future.....



I honestly don't know why I didn't have this epiphany earlier in my life. Before the neuropathy and retinopathy set in. Before I gained a ton of weight and totally stopped taking care of myself.

I've said it a thousand times before. It so easy to do everything that the doctors tell you to do when you are pregnant and trying to save another life. Once I finished having children, I just stopped caring about myself and spent all my time caring for my kids needs. I never once thought about The Future....

What does that hold for me? Will I be here to see my children grow up and finish school and college and have their own children? What about when they are gone and have their own families? Will my quality of life be good? Will I be healthy and able to travel and do all the things that I had planned for myself?

I stopped monitoring, I stopped taking my meds, I stopped going to the doctor.

I started to die.....Mother's Day 2012 I ended up in the Cardiac ICU with DKA.

It's been a long road since that day and it was a horrifying wake up call for me.

I finally stopped denying and made a plan to be here for my children for as long as possible.

This is my journey.....my hopes and dreams and struggles and accomplishments and victories!!

I want to Inspire!! I want to be a beacon of hope and share my story so that it can help others in any way possible. I'm passionate about being a good friend and listening and supporting all who need it.

Let's all help each other through this.....

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