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The last year...



So, after almost having a heart attack and dying, I realized I needed to do something. I enlisted the help of a Nutritionist who took me off everything overnight. No meat. No dairy. No gluten. No caffeine. Completely plant based. He told me that he could reverse my diabetes and get me off insulin and all my meds. Well, of course eating nothing brought down my blood sugars. So I went off the insulin again and everything else I was taking for cholesterol and neuropathy. The thing that I didn't understand was that my blood sugars had run at about 300-350. My A1c was 12. So my blood sugars only dropped to about the 200's and he was ok with that. So all I ate was lettuce and beans basically. I was starving and I was dropping weight fast but my sugars were still high. I had stopped going to my doctor. I relied solely on this nutritionist who was supposedly licensed and went to school at Columbia and did his clinicals at all these big medical schools. Yet I never saw a license or a diploma. At any rate...it was killing me. I was happy I lost 60 lbs. but in 3 months? I finally went to my doctor and he about killed me. In the meantime the so called nutritionist who I paid thru the nose for, picked up and left town. I was devastated and felt abandoned. I've never dedicated myself to anything only to find out it wasn't helping me at all.

I had a heart to heart with my doc and agreed to give his way a chance again. Somehow, something clicked. We put a new pill in and suddenly things started to even out. I made some serious changes in my diet. I started taking exercise seriously. I'm doing great now. Just hoping to find a network of support.


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