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Trying to get Pregnant with a Broken Down Body!



Hi my name is Crystal, I am 30 years old. I have been a diabetic my whole life but was diagnosed at 16. I am type 1.5 and am insulin resistant. I have to inject an abundance of insulin daily to try to counter the insulin resistance. Diabetes has affected by life in so many ways. It's hard to lose weight (I am sure most of you know), I am always tired and never feel right, admitted to the hospital many times... and it has also kept me from having a baby with my husband. We have been trying for a year now and have not had any luck. I would love some advice if you have any.

My endocrinologist is putting me on an Insulin Pump to help with the insulin resistance but the cost is keeping me from getting it. My insurance only pays half which leaves me with a $3,500 amount that I have to raise before they will send me it; that's not including the monthly upkeep. I have created a go fund me page to help raise money to get the pump and would appreciate it if you could pass it along on your twitter and/or facebook.

The link is: http://www.gofundme.com/needinsulinpump

I look forward to reading and posting and learning more about what I can do to help me get pregnant. :)

*** Picture is with me and my precious niece Mackenzie***


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Hi Clstewart1011, I'm so sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having.  I'm now 56, but have been a diabetic since 11.  About having children.  I have 2 children, now 25 & 29.  When I got married I told my husband we would be adopting because I could never give my kids shots.  He told me I could find a doctor who could enable me to have my own children.  After interviewing 4 doctors and being tossed in the hospital by one because my sugar was in the 300's when I saw him, I found the right one.  So, my advice is that If you haven't, you need to interview doctors to find the one you feel will enable you to have kids.  All doctors are not created equal.  Some of my questions were: How do you feel about sugar? (I wanted an answer that did not say, "no sugar, no candy, no alcohol, no ice cream, no, no, no".  I wanted someone who knew I was going to eat these things occasionally and teach me how.  Another one was, "Where do my numbers have to be in order to have a healthy baby and how long do you feel it will take to get me there?"  A third was what are the chanced my child will be a diabetic. (I'll never forget his answer to this.  He said that the chances of my children being diabetic are about the same as any other child as long as I take care of myself during pregnancy. The second piece of advice is to go on a cruse.  You may laugh, but I told a girlfriend this who was taking her temperature and calling her husband during work hours to come home, taking fertilization drugs and seeing a specialist.  Nothing worked for two years and then they went on a cruse and she got pregnant.  She was under a lot of pressure at home (won't go into detail), but when she was able to relax things just happened.  Stress plays a huge part in everything you are concerned about.


For the insulin pump, the doctor I had my children under said never to get anything buy a Mini Med, which is now Medtronics.  They've been in business the longest and they are continually making improvements to the pump...just an example, when I got my first pump back in 1989 I had to put it into a plastic bag and hang it over the top of the shower with a hanger to take a shower.  It was a true pain.  Now there's a disconnect.  They even have a connection that does a blood sugar for you.  Anyway, I just called them and talked with Boe (sp) to see if they had any programs that might help you.  He said that if you have an insurance company that they accept they have a program that will save you 70-90% of your out of pocket cost.  You can reach him at 800-646-4633.  When it prompts you for an extension, his is 21608.  If he's on the phone it will roll to someone else, but really if you explain your situation anyone can help you.  They do this in-house, not through a third party, that's why you have to have an insurance company they work with.  I just figured it's worth a shot.


Ok, last thing and I'll stop.  Weight.  I just went through cancer and following treatment I knew I needed to change my diet.  So I began looking at vegan and green.  In the process I heard a Dr. Brian Clement speak.  He's from Hippocotrates Health Institute in Florida.  Anyway, his rudimentary explanation of how to get rid of excess fat went something like this.  You eat and  your body decides what to do with the fat.  If you have too much it is passed into your intestines.  Here it says, "wheres the fiber, wheres the fiber, wheres the fiber."  If there's no fiber it's reabsorbed into your system.  He says the best way to get rid of fat is by eating more fresh fruits and vegies.  Now I know we've all heard this, but he added that you need to eat more fresh fruits and vegies than anything else.  He gets his protein through juicing and eating greens (salads, sprouts, vegies, sort of stuff.)  It gets really involved, but if you are eating more fiber than anything else you should lose the weight.  To qualify this, I have lost 60 lb.  It wasn't easy, but it is possible.


I hope this is helpful...let me know if you have any questions and best of luck to you.

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