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First 30 days....



Seems like this blog area is the right place for this sort of entry vs. my first post on this DF site. Yikes! (though all of you were quite accommodating and just went with the flow)


Anyhow, I did want to snapshot a entry after my first 30 days after DX and see how things change over time. I've already uploaded my FBG chart in my images gallery but here are some raw thoughts at Day 30.



What seems to help, at least as I look forward from today....

  1. Ultimately focusing on doing whatever it takes to be strong, supportive and to be there for my family.
  2. Considering the hardships so many others face each and every day which make my situation look like a walk in the park. Think about mom's cancer situation and how far she went with so little education, so little support, horrible doctors, and so on.
  3. My love of numbers, measuring things, hitting targets. It's a large part of we as engineers do to solve problems. Fitbit, blood works, fitness metrics, various vitals, glucose meter and carb counting - all align very nicely with this.
  4. The act of writing. Putting thoughts down on (virtual) paper, via forums, etc. - and the sense of community via WWW online forums.

What I worry about....

  1. My family worrying about me. Stress on my family.
  2. Complications. Eye problems, cancer, amputation, kidney failure, and the list goes on....
  3. Fatigue and low energy due to diet changes.
  4. Getting sick (or throwing out my back, etc.) for a long enough period where things can't be controlled as much via exercise. Perhaps diet will have to be enough. Or diet plus meds.

What seems to be working for me, or at least what resonates with me....

  1. There has definitely been a huge reduction in carbs and also almost complete elimination of junk and processed foods. That said, I like the idea of not eating as many carbs if I know I cannot work out. Eating a bit more if I feel like it and I know I will work out afterwards. Exercise cannot always overcome diet, at least given what I'm not willing to do on the exercise front.
  2. Not eating too close to bedtime. Letting my body enjoy the low BG as I sleep, even though I may encounter some DP situations. In the same vein, take a nap only after measuring a low BG level. This seems to have been demonstrated in my real-world data points.
  3. Strength training is important in terms of the pump and for building muscle.
  4. Don't let perfection become the enemy of the good enough. Can't always achieve a perfect schedule or pure sustainability. Life gets in the way. shoot happens. Need to adapt, use your creativity, intellect, and figure things out. Take what you can get, when you can get it (vs. only looking at 100% sustainable solutions) - this is especially true for exercise.
  5. If I'm going to eat more carbs, try not to mix with fat. (Though I'm reading TOTALLY conflicting data/studies on this.)
  6. Not eating if I'm not hungry (i.e. social situations, "time for lunch" routines, etc.).
  7. Okay to do short fasts. Related to the bedtime rule, but so far, I haven't done anything beyond that. Adding this here as a contrast to my prior eat-every-2-hours brainwashing.
  8. Proper management of sleep, stress, exercise, and diet seem like the way to go - the usual suspects!




[earlier] had some mild but clear symptoms for a few months, did some exercise, symptoms went away;

but was worried enough to see a doctor given what I had read online about diabetes;

diet up until this point was LOADED with carbs (200+ grams of carbs per sitting quite

common) and close to 100% restaurant, fast food, and all-you-can-eat catered food and snacks.

DX'd with Metabolic Syndrome ages ago, no symptoms, didn't pay attention, bad move.


2015.05.28 DX'd A1C at 13.2, FBG at 194 - The Wake Up Call !!


2015.06.08 [11 days after DX ] FBG mostly in 80s, all below 100; routine and details below; visual graph

in my gallery

2015.06.27 [~1 month after DX] lab A1C at 9.8 & FBG at 88 ; lipid and metabolic panels 100% normal

2015.07.28 [~2 months after DX] lab A1C at x.x

2015.08.28 [~3 months after DX] lab A1C at x.x


Diet: low-to-moderate carbs; eat a ton; love my fats, especially given my love of hard boiled

eggs, all kinds of cheeses and meat; though I get a lot of veggies in too;

much more mindful of overeating and also try to only eat when hungry


Exercise: daily mild, but deliberate walking (~12,000 steps a day on average, very light

strength training, occasional but well beyond recreational tennis)- intimately

familiar with HIIT and various conditioning routines, but not going down that path for now;

that said, I do need to spend WAY more time on stretch/flexibility routines - otherwise really

bad things happen


Medication: currently not taking any medication for diabetes or non-diabetes


Weight: as of 2015.06.28 roughly at 200 pounds, down from an all time high of ~250 not that long ago

this is technically the lightest I've been in since at least March 7, 2005 (the earliest

records I have) - as a 6' male, given my activity level, athletic exposure, and genetics, need

to figure out a reasonable goal given my muscle mass, standards, sustainability, and age


Way too early to talk about sustainability, but so far, things have been encouraging, with minimal signs

of craving, fatigue, cheating, etc. Though being so new, all of this requires much more homework,

understanding, measuring, experiments, and so on. Also rough for me to be away from ridiculous amounts of rice,

pasta, ramen noodles, and so on. I grew up with that stuff!







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Two more lab results just came in:


Insulin Fasting value is 6 (standard range is < 17 uIU/mL).
C-Peptide is 2.0 (standard range is 0.8 - 3.1 ng/mL).
Doctor’s note:  “You c-peptide and insulin seem about appropriate now that your fasting sugar level has normalized.  Your a1c still reflects 3 months of blood sugars, so should be much improved by the next check in 3 months.”

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