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A Wake Up and Fasting Day 4



I haven't been here for a while and frankly fell hard off the low carb wagon during that time. Depression, anxiety and life hit me hard for a while. Monday a week ago I got a serious wakeup call in the form of a FBG of 206 and an A1C of 8.3. I'd also shot up to 202 pounds from the low of 170 I'd gotten to on LC a year and a half ago.


Doc put me on Metformin HCL 500 one in AM and starting today one in AM and one in PM. (lucky me, none of the digestive Met problems) I went straight back to eating a LC diet and walking and weights.


I'm kind of panicking though that I let things get this bad. I'm very lucky that so far I don't seem to have any of the horrid D side effects, although of course, bad things are bound to be happening inside my body. So off to digging through the depths of the internet, hoping to sort the gold from the dross. So I came across this site (URL deleted because I think this got me in trouble before) with heaps of info from a Dr. Jason Fung whose emphasis is on reducing the insulin resistance that is the hallmark of T2 diabetes. One of the methods he emphasizes to get that down is fasting, both intermittent and longer fasts. Sounds like a plan after reading through how he recommends doing fasting.


His site is fascinating - lots of videos on diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, fasting etc. Articles also.


I'm starting day 4 now. Non-caloric beverages - water, tea, coffee, no sweeteners or sodas. Bone broth. (I add salt, a bit of potassium and magnesium to the broth) A squirt of lemon juice ok, a Tbs of chia seeds once a day ok, a Tbs of coconut oil ok. It's not been bad and my BG has been dropping fast, down to a low of 100 at bedtime night before last. Dawn phenomenon hit hard this am though and I had a 129. Ugh.


I'm hoping to continue this until I can get down to at least one reading of 83, then go back to VLC (Bernstein style) and IF or periodically do longer fasts. Otherwise I'll stop when either serious hunger hits again or anything like lightheadedness or lower BP. So far I'm feeling pretty fantastic - clearer head, more energy, more motivation and the depression/anxiety is way down.


7/20: FBG 206! Started Metformin Started eating LC again

7/21 Eating LC No BG, couldn't find meter

7/22 FBG 158, Breakfast - 2 hrs PP 189 (hands may have been dirty - out shopping), 2.5 hrs PP 159, Lunch, 2 hrs PP 152, Dinner, 2 hrs PP149

7/23 FBG 154, 2 hrs later - (only coffee) 176 holy #@$%, breakfast, 2hrs PP 124. lunch, 3 hrs PP 131, dinner 2 hrs PP 147


7/24 Start of Fast - FBG 145, 12pm 134, 6pm 115

7/25 6am 130, 12pm 131, 6pm 111, 9pm 100

7/26 6am 112, 12pm 110, 6 pm 104, 10pm 111

7/27 6am 129


I'll try to post daily to stay accountable and to have a handy place to keep notes. Feel free to comment if you want.


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