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Decided to break fast last night



I decided to break my fast last night when I remembered my brother is due to come by today. And that means we will go to his favorite Vietnamese restaurant for Shaking Beef. Yum.


Had a very tiny dinner last night - 1/3 cup greek yogurt (2% ugh) but it was in the fridge and yogurt recommended as a first food for breaking fast. Had a small reaction to the yogurt TMI ALERT - small watery bowel. Apparently typical but unpleasant when breaking multi day fast but ewwwww. Will be prepared next time


Waited 1/2 hour and ate 2 oz of trout and 1/2 cup greek salad. 5.5 gms carbs. Tiny meal but I was very full.


Overall I'd say the fast experience was good and I'll do it again. My energy was excellent on the third day. Yesterday energy was down in the AM and I took a nap. After that I felt great and would have continued, but brother visiting and shaking beef is too good to pass up.



7/27 12pm 111, 6pm before dinner 95, 2 hrs PP 113 (gotta love my liver!), started 500 mg met in evening, before bed 103

7/28 FBG 104


2 eggs, 1/2 avocado and salsa verde, black coffee this morning 8.5 carbs, 3.4 net. Getting used to eating again slowly.

I don't know how fast metformin works but between it and the fast and lc (and not binging on ice cream!) my fbg is down 102 points since last Monday.


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