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No more Shaking Beef



Had a lovely lunch with my brother, ate 1/2 my plate of shaking beef (saved rest for dinner (that didn't happen)). Went back home, helped him haul about various furniture and stuff he was picking up and wound up taking my BG at 3 hrs PP. 133! Damn it. Apparently sugar in the marinade. A plate full of beef, watercress and a few tomato slices shouldn't do that. Unless it was the effect of me staring mournfully at his Vietnamese coffee full of condensed milk. (not that mournfully, I KNEW what that coffee would do)


I can't think of anything else at that restaurant that might be safer. This could be a problem since the whole rest of the family LOVES the place. I'll have to check if they can customize something for me.


When I test for ketosis at the end of my fast, the Ketonix (breathalyzer) said I hadn't made it. (after a full 4 days!) Either it's not accurate or my liver is a really busy little devil. I'm debating doing a fat fast and then back into a few days of fasting to try to get into keto.


On the other hand, the last 2 days of my fast I felt really great and energetic (except for the short bit where I forgot to drink the salty broth.) That's usually a pretty good sign of ketosis. I might have to spring for the keto blood test strips.


On a happy note, AC is coming by Friday. Major duct cleaning today and installation the next 2 days. HALLELUJAH!

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If you were doing lots of very strenuous exercise that may have kicked your BG up as your body was releasing adrenaline etc - mine always goes up when i exercise too hard. (I have an elliptical trainer at home - going at '24' brings me down, going above '30' drives it up).

Or it could have been your body converting the meat to glucose - if there is not other carb in your meal, that will happen a couple of hours later - (I'm type 1, and i usually need to inject something for big meat meals if i'm not drinking wine with it).

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