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90 days since DX



Blood work:

  1. Microalbumin/Creatinine ratio elevated at 78 up from 36 two months ago. Wondering if this is due to all of the protein and experiments, or something more sinister like kidney disease and my feeling more tired recently. Will chat with the doctor about this and read up a bit too.
  2. Fasting Blood Glucose was a worry of mine given my recent trends, especially since the last time I “calibrated” against the lab, it was 83 (home) vs 88 (lab). But this time, it was 87 at the lab and 96 at home. <shrug> I have a lot of silly graphs here.
  3. A1C is at 6.0 - certainly an improvement vs. the 13.2 at DX 3 months ago, but I’d like to go a lot lower and more importantly, figure out what’s sustainable.

Some thoughts on this ~90th day after DX:

  1. FBG still okay relative to that 198 DX FBG value, which was insane and panic'd me quite a bit, along with the 13.2 A1C, but need to keep an eye on this upwards trend and upwards trends in general - Honeymoon Period, "The Easy Part", or similar effects, T1/T1.5/LADA actual DX, increasing my carb intake far too fast, too soon, and some of the other things which correlated with the start of at least one trend - being sick, that crazy fitbit challenge I did for 2 weeks, backed off on the hard boiled eggs (no good reason, I still LOVE them), stopped kale consumption, greatly reduced veggie consumption, HUGE increase in cashew consumption, no more "super" low carb days.
  2. The idea of fasting (intermittent, or whatever the terminology, where things are not drastic, yet still quite deliberate) - intrigues me more and more despite being the opposite of what some have written. I think fasting also fits my personality quite well. Will have to add that to the toolbox.
  3. Speaking of The Toolbox, haven't had to use the monster muscle groups yet and related routines (proper squats, deadlifts; compound movements, and so on). As needed. Later.
  4. Do want to think more about portion control. I feel like a pig sometimes and it just doesn't seem okay anymore. Believe this is a reasonable, sustainable change and I've noticed I actually take home doggie bags far more often. That never happened in the past.
  5. Keeping an eye on what I call my "core, functional strength" via an oversimplified proxy like my number of continuous pushups, pullups, and body squats. Nice because they are relative to body weight vs. absolute strength, and pretty mellow. Though note to self - 2 out of 3 of those thresholds should be One Hundred. At least. =)
  6. Totally forgot to keep track of something potentially more meaningful than weight, like my waist size, which has gone down enough for me to buy new jeans and forced me to buy a new belt since I was beyond the last hole.
  7. Still continuing to really ignore flexibility and stretching. Will have to work this in. Really bad things have happened before when this has been ignored.
  8. As with so many things diabetes and non-diabetes - "coming to terms" with this being a progressive, dynamic situation. Just like growing old. NBD. =)

Update of my super-signature below:



[earlier] had some mild but clear symptoms for a few months, did some exercise, symptoms went away;

but was worried enough to see a doctor given what I had read online about diabetes;

diet up until this point was LOADED with carbs (200+ grams of carbs per sitting quite

common) and close to 100% restaurant, fast food, and all-you-can-eat catered food and snacks.

DX'd with Metabolic Syndrome ages ago, but no symptoms, didn't pay attention or make changes.


Last FBG on record was 83 on 2012.09.17.


2015.05.28 DX'd A1C at 13.2, FBG at 194 - The Wake Up Call !!


2015.06.08 [11 days after DX] FBG mostly in 80s, all below 100

2015.06.27 [~1 month after DX] A1C at 9.8 & FBG at 88

2015.08.28 [~3 months after DX] A1C at 6.0 & FBG at 87


Diet: low-to-moderate carbs; eat a ton; love my fats, especially given my love of hard boiled

eggs, all kinds of cheeses, nuts and meat; though I get a lot of veggies in too;

much more mindful of overeating and also try to only eat when hungry

not strictly following any given LCHF, Paleo, Atkins, or Diet X, but learning from all of them

and trying to figure out what works best for me over time


Exercise: daily mild, but deliberate walking, or ~12,000 easy steps a day on average, very light

strength training, occasional but well beyond recreational tennis; intimately

familiar with HIIT and various exercise vs. training routines, but not going down that path

for now


Medication: currently not taking any medication for diabetes or non-diabetes, though realize this will

probably change significantly over time


Weight: as of 2015.08.28 roughly at 195 pounds, down from an all time high of ~245 around 8/2013

this is technically the lightest I've been in since at least March 7, 2005 (the earliest

records I have) - as a 6' male, given my activity level, athletic exposure, and genetics, need

to figure out a reasonable steady state given my muscle mass, sustainability, and age


Speaking about sustainability, it's way too early for me to tell. Ongoing homework, understanding,

measuring, corrections, experiments, etc., especially given the progressive nature of this disease.




2015.05.28 A1C at 13.2 (DX)

2015.08.28 A1C at 6.0 (3 months after DX)


No medication of any kind, so far....



( latest post should have most up to date details, routine, and thoughts )


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