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Church Picnic



Yeehaw I am one happy old chicka. Went to the picnic after church this afternoon. One table loaded with pasta salads, potato casseroles, and the like. Another table baked beans, mac and cheese etc. One table weighted down with cakes, brownies, pies, cookies, apple dumplings and every sweet know to man. A table of hot dogs and hamburgers and one with salad dressings, tossed green salads and melons. So I took my reading 107 and then proceded to eat two burgers no bun, two hot dogs no buns, a spoon of mustard, and a tossed salad with dressing. Two cubes of red watermelon and 2 cubes of yellow watermelon. I am stuffed and my friends are stuffed too.........with sugar. LOL Feeling really pumped about it. :D


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