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And I almost tossed it



Diabetic Solutions book by Dr. Bernstein. I can't believe how much good information this book has for type 1 diabetics and type 2. I listed a lot of the foods he suggests and along with the recipes I am off to the grocery again Friday. I did see a few things made from soy flour. I used to make gravy out of flax meal and a bit of heavy cream and water just to have a tad on my eggs in the morning but I am going to go ahead and try it with the soy flour. 3.3 grms. carbs for 1/8 cup and that should make more than enough gravy for me. can't wait. He also suggests those SF 0% calorie syrups. Says he even eats them on his eggs. Yuck! Try the SF jello almost set and then whipped with heavy cream and after it sets drizzle some chocolate SF syrup on it. I am ready to get out of this rut. Sugar down to 100 after breakfast so I am happy.


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