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Day one: Dawn Phenonomen



Since doing much research I have discovered I have dawn phenonomen. Ex:: Go to be 94, wake up with reading of 120, eat a no carb breakfast and one hour later reading of 102, Two hours after breakfast 98. This continues throughout lunch. Then in the evening it stays steady the rest of the day always going down after lunch and supper but not as fast as after breakfast so my first experiment started last night:


1 2 hours before bed I a 2 ozs. of hard cheese and a small pack of peanuts. Sugar was 110. Woke up at 3:30 a.m. and sugar was 131. Ate an ounce of cheese then woke up at six and sugar was 136. Ate breakfast. One hour later sugar was 115.


So eating a no or lock before bed cause the sugar to rise even higher during the night. The only good thing I did not have to pee every 45 mins. as usual when I woke up at 3. My mouth and tongue were not dry as a bone. I did not wake up in a sweat so tonight it's on to exp. #2.


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